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Thanks a lot for your interest in our winter sports project. The following text explains briefly the aims of the project and how we want to achieve them.

This project was founded by Edda Hergarten who is also the project manager. During a trip in Kyrgyzstan, Edda got in touch with some locals who asked her for help for a winter sports project they were planning. The Swiss Ski School Bivio, where Edda is the deputy headmaster, is currently the service providers of this project, but the foundation of an association is planned.

The natural conditions for winter sports are given due to the high mountains and the snow guarantee. The breathtaking landscape also attracts more and more tourists. There are already a few ski resorts in Kyrgyzstan, most of them are in the hands of foreigners, a source of income during the winter is therefore possible whether on the slopes or in the backcountry. There is an enormous interest, but in many places the know-how is missing.

The participants from all over the country are taught by trained swiss ski instructors in the technical areas of skiing, cross country skiing, snowboarding and ski touring. A cooperation with the ISIA (International Ski Instructor Association) is highly aimed in order that the participants can obtain an international ski instructor diploma (there are ongoing talks). There are additionally trained in the fields tourism, marketing, first aid, how to take care of the equipment and English. The goal is to create chances for the kyrgyz to make the winter sport area their profession, to point the way for the rising branch of industry and also to give young people a perspective throughout of winter sports. The training week will take place in Karakol, where the nearby ski resort Karakol Ski Base offers perfect slopes for the technical schooling.

This 5 year project is supported by important Swiss Snow Sports Schools. The Guesthouse Riverside in Karakol helps locally as well as the organisations EcoTrek and Touroperator Trekking Union and many more. Local translators and tour guides were included into the project and they make now an important contribution to a smooth process. This project will be continued by locals in the future. Visit the category partners/sponsors on our homepage to find all our partners and sponsors.

You can find more information to this year`s carrying out and at all times recently made pictures on the category news on our webpage. If you have questions, contact Edda via email:

Projektmanager, Edda Hergarten


Wintersportprojekt Kirgistan


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